Welcome to the Community Section in Association with 5 Star Active and Rio Ferdinand Foundation
W elcome to the community section.

This section is dedicated to community activities that benefit young Londoners and showcases initiatives carried out by our Community Partners for 2014-15, the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and 5 Star Active Partnership.

Whereitsatlondon.com will be supporting community activities and programmes run by the above organisations, as well as shining a light on other organisations making an impact on life in London. We will especially be supporting activities and events that encourage youth employability, training and entrepreneurship.

How will we do this?

The community section will promote the activities and events carried out by the above and our partners. In addition to this we will be promoting their work and contributing in a number of practical ways that will be announced when they happen. Over the next 12 months you will read about the great work by Rio Ferdinand Foundation and 5 Star Active Partnership, there will be articles, case studies and features on events, individuals and what we are doing to support their activities.

Whereitsatlondon.com look forward to featuring the fantastic work that is going on in and around London and farther afield.

How we intend to promote youth employability, training and entrepreneurship is by providing opportunities to develop their skills and offer employment and entrepreneurship in association with a range of organisations that will include local authorities, businesses, start up facilitation service providers, sports clubs and individuals that have an interest in seeing young people of London obtain training and development leading to employment and entrepreneurship thus contributing to the greater benefit of London and the diverse communities that make this city the greatest city on Earth.

Keep revisiting the section and follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook and join us on this exciting journey and beyond.

If you want to get involved you can by visiting our contact us page or via social media.



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