What do Councils Offer Small Businesses?
C ouncils offer a range of services for small businesses; here's an overview of what we found and how you can link to their respective business sections.

Whereitsatlondon.com began looking into what level of business support and advice is available from your local council. So we set about looking on their websites. What we found was 33 different boroughs, 33 different ways in which the same or similar information is presented.

First we tried just searching from the home pages, then looking for specific headings. When we had no luck in that area we started to get creative and look in economic regeneration, licensing, regulation, support and advice; you'd be surprised to find out just how many different ways we mined for information.

What we also did was contact every local authority with the same questions via their contact us portals, and we were surprised to find out just how 'efficient' they were in responding to the enquiry and our questions.

We have put the questionnaire which was relatively simple, and their respective replies for your consideration. The links to the answers along with some additional information is also presented.

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In all honesty we were a little shocked, by how difficult it was to obtain the type of information that any small business would want to know in order to work in any London borough. To gain access to opportunities, grants, discounts, it can be a matter of spending a frustrating hour or so on a huge site looking for information that may or may not be of use, we know because we did it 33 times.

This gave us a unique insight into how London boroughs work with small business and which of them is the best at presenting relevant information, communicating that information, and how easy it is to access the information, services, and resources. We are not in the business of naming and shaming the councils that came up short.

We then waited a couple of weeks for answers; the boroughs that replied have been published, take a look in our dedicated section 'boroughs' to find out more about them.

We would like to point out that since our inquiries to all the London boroughs, access to their site for businesses has improved immeasurably. We now have links direct to their business pages without having to sift through a huge website to find what we need.

The biggest problem any small business person has is finding the time to get to information that could be of use to them and we are happy to say that the links we have listed for all the boroughs will be of help to you.


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