Interesting Meet Ups: Pub Psychology
T his meet up is for budding psychology students, lay people and anyone with an inquisitive instinct, we recommend it if you are.

The social networking platform has many topics and interests, for singles, techies and other special interest groups. What intends to do is profile a different meet up group from time to time to give you an opportunity to check it out for yourself.

The first meet up we checked out is called “pub psychology' is what it says on the tin. Meeting up every Tuesday evening from 7pm onwards, for up to an hour and a half the group discusses issues and shares viewpoints on relationships, love, life and society in an open environment with a moderator present.

The discussions are interesting and thought provoking. For anyone with an inquiring and questioning mindset might find of interest. Some of the topics may not be to everyone's liking. That shouldn't mean that there may not be something worth the trip to take part.

On the day of our attendance the topics were relationships, fidelity, and projection vs. perception. What we found most interesting about this topic was that how we project ourselves may not necessarily be that which others perceive. We may view ourselves in one way but a person may perceive it differently than expected. Is this is because people come to conclusions based on their own experiences or information from a trusted source or hearsay?

The best way to learn is to share ideas; to express an opinion and learn from the opinions of others. We are all subject to making mistakes. It's an integral part of the learning process. It's also rewarding and you come away thinking and feeling like you either made a contribution or you heard something interesting, even if you may not agree entirely.

The price for attending the group is £5 which for an evening of lively and challenging discussion is worth it.

There are recordings available online in podcasts available to members, so check it out and see how it is for you!

The group meets in the Antelope off Sloane Street on Tuesdays, for more information email Michael Toppin using the link below or visit the web sites.





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