Thinking of Starting Up or Expanding? Lewisham Answers
F ollowing on from our article 'Thinking of Starting Up or Expanding' of the boroughs inclined to answer our questions we have published their answers so you can access their services

1. What is your organisation doing to promote small business and enterprise in your borough?

The Lewisham Business Advisory Service is the first stop for local people and businesses who need advice and support. We deliver workshops, surgeries and seminars on business development.

Tel: 0800 032 0946


2. Where can entrepreneurs access frontline services to business advice, guidance and support immediately?

Details above.

3. Have you got a policy for encouraging start ups? If so, please elaborate?

4, Are there any empty retail spaces that could be accessed to provide discounted market testing for start-ups?

The Lewisham High Street Innovation Fund is helping businesses take on leases on hard to let empty high street premises. The programme is running until June 2014.

5. Do you have a rent or rate free period to attract new business to your local high streets?

Yes. This this is available as part of the High street Innovation fund programme. It is limited to businesses that take on empty hard to let high street premises. The programme is running until June 2014.

Paul Hadfield

Enterprise Development Manager

Tel: 02083143708


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